Leaving My Father's Faith DVD
Leaving My Father's Faith DVD

Leaving My Father's Faith DVD

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"From my perspective, as a former student pastor and near-minister, this film is a gift to the world. Both worlds.” - Rick Johnston 

“This engaging personal exchange raises questions of relationship, culture, sociology, philosophy, theology, and humanity." - Stephen J. Graham

"This is one of the few movies that gives both sides equal respect and does not attempt to prove one is right over the other. I intend to show this to my family to help them understand my position and hopefully this movie will show them that just because we believe differently, doesn't me that I've stopped loving them." - S. Chhim - Amazon Review

"Great film for any family experiencing the pain of division over deeply held beliefs (religious or otherwise). These remarkable, intelligent men--father and son--love each other, and show that listening to someone with different convictions is possible, without sacrificing what you deeply believe." - Michael K. - Amazon Review


International best selling author and pastor Tony Campolo is devastated when his 50 year old son Bart announces that he no longer believes in God. Having worked together for decades in Christian ministry, the two must now find a way reconcile their personal understandings of Christianity and Humanism before a rift separates them indefinitely. Together they face controversial issues like the meaning of life and life after death.